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Used pallets are safe, strong, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes; best of all, they are less expensive than new pallets, which means you save money!

Used pallets are far less expensive than new pallets and may be just as sturdy and durable as new pallets, if not more so. Buying used pallets encourages recycling and waste reduction, and they may be easier to find than new pallets because some companies only sell used pallets.

Purchasing our used pallets Arkadelphia decreases greenhouse gas emissions as well as warehouse and dock congestion. Our primary goal is to reduce the cost of waste disposal while simultaneously delivering the best solutions for our client’s unique demands. We provide a wide range of universal sizes and shapes that can be easily lifted by forklifts and package jacks.

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Variety of Uses

Using high-quality materials that come with a warranty makes things easier to carry. We provide both new and used pallets at competitive pricing. Furthermore, we provide a wide choice of pallet applications! With us, you can put used pallets to good use, from transporting products to furniture to building supplies. The idea is to make sure they're sturdy enough for whatever you're going to use them for. Our recycled Pallets are far more durable than shipping containers, allowing you to stack or store big items without risk of shattering them. We make it possible by keeping an eye on quality assurance.

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Quality Control & Durability

 E & S Used pallets Arkadelphia is pleased to provide our clients high-quality, long-lasting pallets at a reasonable price. We understand the importance of quality control and longevity in your business, which is why we only provide the best products on the market.  our pallets can withstand weather conditions such as rain and water for a longer amount of time because of their durability, they are frequently shipped back and forth between manufacturers and buyers.

Used Pallets Arkansas

Used Pallets

Use our wooden pallets for storing and stacking, as well as to protect your product. We exclusively utilize the best materials to ensure the greatest quality of our pallets and because of their durability and robustness, our wooden pallets may benefit both commercial and industrial users. Because of their durability and toughness, commercial and industrial customers may use them for everything from storage to transportation. You can stack, store, protect, and distribute our long-lasting and shock-resistant pallets with a respected brand.

New Options

We shape and create the pallets to ensure the safety of your product in terms of size, shape, and weight. We shape ourselves and our products to meet your urgent requirements. Our amazing knowledge, skills, and resources enable us to supply our customers with high-quality, accessible wooden pallets and packaging that is tailored to their specific requirements. safeguarding and transporting

Recycled Pallets

Thanks to a continual supply of used pallets, E & S Pallet Service has the capacity to provide all of the solutions you want. We bring them in, refurbish them as needed, and give you the pallets you need.

Affordable and Customized

When it comes to getting rid of old pallets, we at E & S Pallet Haul Offs understand that one size does not fit all. As a result, we provide a selection of inexpensive and personalized alternatives to fit your individual requirements. We’ll work with you to figure out the best approach to get rid of your unwanted pallets, whether that’s through our pick-up or drop-off service.

Streamlined Haul off

Do you have a surplus of used pallets in your backyard or garage? With our quick hauling service, you may get rid of them straight immediately! We will take up and dispose of your pallets, regardless of how many you have. Furthermore, we will complete all tasks at a time that is convenient for you. We employ a more effective approach of acquiring and processing information, which eliminates your concerns in a smooth procedure. We allay your fears by scooping up quickly and consistently while minimizing the harmful consequences. So, why wait? Contact us right now to get started!

Reliable Haul Off Service

We provide some of the most reasonable prices in E & S Pallet Haul Off, which means that getting a haul off at a low cost is possible here. Our customer service professionals are always available to answer any questions you may have about pricing, shipping rates, or other issues. Our skilled pallet cleaning crews are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to carry both light and large pallets. The service is planned based on the amount of pallets and the timeframe. Our experienced team handles one-time or weekly disposal with ease, taking into mind all variables.


Look no further for a dependable used pallet provider in Arkadelphia.  We are committed to offering high-quality items and exceptional customer service to our consumers. Here are seven reasons why you should select us when it comes to purchasing a used pallet. 

1. We provide high-quality products: All of our old pallets have been properly inspected by a professional before being placed up for sale, so you can be confident that the goods you buy will endure.

2. We offer reasonable prices

3. We provide variety: We offer everything you need, whether it’s an industrial size or a bespoke size!

4. Prompt delivery

5. Adaptability

6. Convenience

7. Buyer safety guarantee

Why Choose Used Pallets?

 New pellets are expensive because of a timber supply shortage and substantial growth in demand, the. Pallets that have been renovated are the most cost-effective option. Recycled wood pallets are good for the environment since they minimize carbon footprint. Recycled pellets, like fresh pellets, are available in a variety of patterns.

All used pallets are tailored to nearly all uses and warehouse configurations. Pallet specialists provide each pallet a quality rating and strict quality control, so you may use our pallets with confidence.

Vast & Wide Variety

Used Pallets are available in a range of shapes, patterns, and sizes, both large and little, to carry a variety of items.

We keep an eye on the environment by using recycled pallets to keep our globe clean. Our collection is stocked with refurbished pallets to meet your demands, even if you require a big quantity of pallets. We are ardent believers that the only waste is storing wood for future generations, which helps to increase productivity.


We deliver quickly and accurately, paying special attention to detail and meeting all of your pallet demands. Our never-ending supply chain never comes to a halt. Our dedication to service guarantees that you receive prompt assistance and high-quality products at a reasonable price. Start a conversation with our skilled staff to see how we can satisfy the pallet demands of your business.

Our collection is stocked with refurbished pallets to meet your demands, even if you require a big quantity of pallets. We believe there is no such thing as waste, yet saving wood for future generations can help boost productivity.

Every used pallet to be in good condition before being used; otherwise, unnecessary stacking creates a risk. By selecting one of the top stocks from local producers, we establish an enticing market for enterprises’ products. We provide a variety of shipping and storage options. Our shipping containers for new and used pallets are in constant demand. If you want to acquire complete and solid wood pallets at a moderate cost, give us a call.